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Another one for the record books! The Sunswift eVe solar car, put together and maintained by the University of New South Wales' dedicated engineering team, has just smashed a 26-year-old electric land speed record at a track in Victoria. Once the world's top motorsports governing body signs off, that is..


It’s all about resistance this week, and by that we mean tyres, if you can’t make the car more streamlined or any lighter, you get the best tyres you can so that you minimise rolling resistance; that is the force against the motion of our wheels when they’re moving. You probably know by now that you lose some energy whenever friction is involved, and this is all about minimising that.


While I admit that this Zhejiang 001's mini car looks rather wacky and utilitarian thanks to its solar top, I wouldn't mind looking like a dork if that can save me gas or electric power—if I had to have a car, that is. This one can charge using the sun electricity in 30 hours, giving it a 150km range. According to the engineer, it can only transform 14 to 17 percent of the sun light, which is the usual. But in the middle of a recession, for $US5,560 and no gas or electricity expenses, we can live with "usual" and "fugly" just fine.