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For solar panel owners, getting a good feed-in tariff - the price at which you sell excess solar energy back to the grid - is important. Yet since the lapse of many of the solar bonus schemes that drove Australia's initial solar boom, feed-in tariffs have only continued to drop. A new draft FIT benchmark by NSW's Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal brings yet more bad news for those who may have been hoping for higher tariffs, but may have some benefit for those who have invested in battery storage.

Since the Tesla Powerwall burst onto the scene less than two years ago, home batteries have never seemed like a smarter or more viable investment for households with solar. Soon enough it wasn't just Tesla - other options quickly began popping up on the market, giving us a vast variety of batteries for all different homes with all different needs.

We set out to speak to three early adopters of battery technology to see what it's like to live with solar batteries and measure how they have impacted their energy use and - most importantly - their power bills.