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As with all types of sports, including adventure sports, snowboarding is all about progression. Too many misinterpret this as a focus on skills and start snowboarding only to end up doing endless laps, getting hurt and/or frustrated. Ever since Jake Burton started making his eponymous snowboards back in 1977, it was in his best interest to get others to try it, to love it, and to get more and more people to do it. Snowboarding has come a long way since then, so here are a few tips to ensure your first time ‘chasing the pow’ is memorable.


If building your own snowboard was as easy as following instructions from a three-page article in the back of a magazine, a lot of people would be out of a job. Unless it’s an extruded piece of plastic snowboard found hanging next to tennis racquets, mini footy posts or the latest soon-to-be busted backyard game of the season, every snowboard is made by hand. That’s not just a Burton Snowboards thing either; that goes for pretty much anyone making legitimate boards.

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The Victorian slopes will be championing its own bonafide luxury accommodation this year with Astra Lodge taking out Australia’s Best Boutique Ski Lodge 2016 at the World Ski Awards in Kitzbühel, Austria.

The award was presented to the family-owned hotel for its newly renovated ski-in ski-out lodge which showcases exceptional features such as panoramic mountain views, a heated magnesium mineral pool and fine Italian dining restaurant all under the one roof.


A couple of years ago the folks at Signal Snowboards tried their hand at making a board with a thin layer of solar cells on top to charge a battery while it careened down the slopes. Not only was their creation a success, it actually worked so well the company decided to put it into production, and it's now available in its online store.


There are very few sports you can't play at night, thanks to the magic of gigantic stadium floodlights. But if your hunt for fresh powder leads you to the dark side of the mountain after the sun has set, careening down the slopes blind is a terrible idea. So the ever-innovative folks at Signal Snowboards decided a pair of snowboards upgraded with headlights would be much safer.


The folks at Signal Snowboards like to experiment over the winter months with conceptual deck designs — sometimes they're practical, and sometimes they're downright crazy. And the company's latest creation, a snowboard with a built-in turntable, probably falls into that latter category.


First and foremost, a good pair of snowboarding boots should get you down a slope safely and with a good measure of comfort. But Nike also wants you to be noticed, particularly if you're competing and need to impress a bunch of judges. So with its latest snowboarding boot — the LunarENDOR QS — Nike's enhanced its iconic swoosh logo with 30 glowing LEDs so that when you're pulling a spiralling Double McTwist 1260, you'll be an impossible to miss swirl of blue.


When Archimedes thought up his revolutionary water-pumping screw, little did he know that one day a group of high school students in Lyon, France, would find a better use for his design. Their Propul-Surf uses a pair of horizontally-mounted screws to push a snowboard through the snow when gravity doesn't provide enough momentum.


Strapping your feet to a board and then sliding down a snow-covered hill requires skills that most humans aren't born with. So, to make it just a little easier for novices to learn how to snowboard, Australia's Streetboardz has created a board with a built-in handbrake that lets riders easily stop before things get out of control.