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Like with many technologies, drones and quadcopters are getting cheaper and cheaper as they get smarter and more capable. And as Dr Vijay Kumar and a group of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania recently demonstrated, the average consumer smartphone is now more than powerful enough to serve as an autonomous drone's brains.


How fast your phone can scream along on Wi-Fi doesn't just depend on your internet speed; you also need a killer connection from your router to the device in your hand. A new acquisition by Qualcomm means the tech in question could be in your next phone.


The Snapdragon 800 has had a good run, powering some (bordering on all) of the Android flagship models for the last year. Now, there's an upgrade. Larger camera sensor support, Ultra HD video capture and a headline maximum clockspeed increase to 2.45GHz are the next-phone boasts of the Snapdragon 801.


The Nexus 4 is the Achilles of Android phones. It's incredibly powerful, ready to do battle, but it has one tiny weakness that could bring the whole thing down: the lack of 4G connectivity. iFixIt discovered that the device might actually support the high-speed network after finding 4G hardware in its teardown. LG, however, wants to dash your hopes by confirming that you will never be able to use 4G on the Nexus 4. Like, ever.