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The latest trailer for Slender Man feels like an endurance test. How many scary movie clichés can we survive in a movie that’s supposed to represent the cutting edge of horror? Creepypasta is only 10 years old, and yet this trailer feels like it’s nearing retirement age—with an extra dash of actual disgust.

Nick Frost adds himself to the waiting list to play The Batman's alleged main villain. We could be getting looks at Suspiria and Bumblebee very soon. Supergirl will take on an unlikely opponent in the season three finale. Plus, what's to come on Syfy's last two episodes of The Expanse.

Traditionally, winter blockbusters don't get released before May 1. But, as in so many other ways, Avengers: Infinity War is making its own rules. It's decided the winter movie season began this Wednesday, April 25, and everyone else can deal with it. All we can do is to tell you about the other 30 big movies coming out afterwards, including heady sci-fi films, a slew of sequels, and different superheroes.

Gotham is apparently recasting another of its villains. Clark Gregg talks about his directorial debut on Agents of SHIELD. Scully gets an ominous vision in a new clip from The X-Files' return. Plus, new footage from Black Lightning and Insidious: The Last Key, and what's to come on The Gifted's finale. Spoilers now!

Quicksilver's connection to Magneto in X-Men: Apocalypse will be more than just a joke. Warcraft teases its female hero. Chris Miller drops a hint for the Han Solo spinoff film. Plus, new images from Game of Thrones and The Flash, a new Civil War clip and Jay Hernandez on what makes Suicide Squad unique. Spoilers get!