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Tesla’s unveiling of its new Powerwall 2 battery with a built-in AC inverter -- along with some upcoming solar roof tile products -- takes a leaf from the Apple playbook of vertical integration. It’s the latest step on a corporate path, including the imminent merger with SolarCity, that moves Tesla closer to being a vertically integrated provider of energy solutions.

As with the Apple product ecosystem, this aims to establish Tesla as a single entry point for energy generation and storage systems in the home environment. Tesla has both the name and the resources to become a strong player in this realm.

Video: Internode founder Simon Hackett is a big supporter of Tesla Motors -- he owns a couple of Model S sedans, a couple of the company's first Roadsters, and has the Model X on order. As well as liking their design and all-electric power, Hackett likes the tech inside, too. In a new testimonial for Tesla, one of Australia's most recognisable Internet names talks about his fleet of cars.

Simon Hackett loves his electric cars. When he wasn't busy running the ISP he founded (Internode, for those out of the loop), he was driving around in his Tesla Roadster. That Roadster was reputedly the first of its kind sold in Australia. Simon is now taking his love for electric cars into high gear, investing seven figures in a new electric racing company. One that purports to have plans for a car capable of doing 0-200km/h in under eight seconds.

Simon Hackett is a pretty successful guy. He built one of Australia's best and loved internet companies from the ground up in a hostile telco market that wasn't friendly to newcomers. Now he's moved on from the company he built into the new-look NBN Co building the network Australia needs. Here's why he did it, in his own words.

Simon Hackett has joined the board of NBN Co. If you're a fan of the fibre-to-the-home NBN or your name is on that little petition floating about, that probably excites you for no other reason than the fact that you've heard his name before. Simon is actually very sensible. Here's why his joining NBN Co really is quite a good thing.

If you were feeling a bit stressed out about all the ex-Telstra bosses joining the National Broadband Network Company board under Ziggy Switkowski, this should calm you down: Simon Hackett, founder of Internode and iiNet board member has just been appointed to the board.

While many good sons and daughters spent yesterday honouring the women who gave them life, there was another, slightly geekier celebration happening as well, as Internode celebrated its 20th birthday. Happy Birthday, Internode!