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With the NSA leaks going full force it probably won't sound like news at all that a German cryptographer claims to have hacked a SIM card. But that's never been done before (as far as we know...) so it's kind of a big deal, and shows that millions of phones are potentially vulnerable.


No doubt local telcos have already consulted with Apple about what's going to be in the next iPhone. Even if it was just a brief conference call with Cupertino, local telcos are more in the loop than they'd care to admit. The real question is: what filters down the ranks, and did Optus just reveal info about the iPhone's SIM card?


If you're looking for a cheap SIM-only plan without a contract, iiNet has just launched themselves as a MVNO. With plans starting from $10 a month for $150 worth of calls and 200MB of data, the plans sound pretty good... although you do need to be an iiNet customer to jump on board.