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4G LTE devices are usually a bunch of fatties because the size of 4G LTE modules is ginormous (relatively, at least). Sometimes that tradeoff is too much! But it looks like things are a-changin', because Sierra Wireless just introduced the world's thinnest 4G LTE module at 2.5mm skinny.


Telstra's been talking up their NextG network for some time as the world's fastest, and for good reason. At 14.4Mbps, it currently is the world's fastest, although there aren't a lot of devices on the market that take advantage of that speed (most HSDPA phones and modems run at 7.2Mbps).

But, at the company's annual Investor Day briefing today, they unveiled a new modem produced in conjunction with Qualcomm, Ericsson and Sierra Wireless, to blow the current network's 14.4Mbps speeds out of the water. The new modem will be capable of 21Mbps, which is the speed Telstra will be taking its NextG network to early next year, with trials starting next month.

The technology, called enhanced HSPA (or eHSPA), will not only offer much faster speeds than are currently available, but will also improve network efficiency and offer increased capacity for all the consumers that will flock trickle over to NextG.

Of course, knowing Telstra, when they do launch this super-fast modem, they'll also price it beyond the reach of us mere mortals. But still, for wireless internet that covers most of Australia and offers near ADSL2+ speeds, you'd expect to pay a premium of some kind, wouldn't you?


So what if you've got a fancy EV-DO card? Sierra Wireless' new AirCard 597E not only brings Sprint's EV-DO Rev A to your laptop, but GPS as well.

It has a built-in antenna that supports GPS navigation through Sprint's network. There's no pricing yet, but it's expected to come out mid-June with support for PCs and Macs (as long as your notebook has an Express Card slot). – Louis Ramirez

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