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HTC's Sense UI has evolved over the years from a laggy train wreck in its early incarnations to something quite lean and serviceable in Sense 4.0. The newest version, Sense 5.0 — which will be launching on the HTC One — is yet another departure. But different isn't always better.


HTC has made some great Android handsets over the years, but what has it done for you lately? The last truly great Android-powered HTC to grace Australian shores was the One X last year, and doesn't HTC know it. It said as much at the Sydney launch of the newest flagship, the HTC One, and by-God is it the best-looking HTC ever.


People love big screens, so HTC's giving the people another big screen: the Rezound is smaller than the titanic Titan (packing a 4.3-inch screen) and nice guts. Another piece of speedy LTE hardware is a good thing.


HTC seems to have settled into a comfortable pattern with its HTC Sense UI, and the latest sighting of the 3.5 version of its Android overlay backs this up, with only a few tweaks around the edges. Video after the jump.


The best Android skin has married one of the best Android phones, despite HTC piping up in the back saying "sheeee's miiiine!" While it's not an official marriage, it doesn't mean the love is any less real.


HTC's laying its cards down with a phone called "Smart" for Europe and Asia, which runs on Qualcomm's BREW platform. As BREW is cheap for the manufacturer, I'm willing to bet the Smart will be cheap for the consumer too.