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Here's some cricket coverage even Giz can get behind (well, in a schadenfreude sort of way). As Australia came back from lunch to bowl against India today, this Channel 9 cameraman hit a helmet and stacked his Segway on live TV. So...apparently you can fall off a Segway, and who knew they had them at the cricket?


Vice TV, going where no other news outlets dare: This time, it's Segway instruction from an NYC weirdo named Itsy, then stage combat light saber lessons with the NYC Jedi Academy in Brooklyn. Then, fight!


Chimpanzees doing anything is funny. But a chimp named Pan-kun tear-assing into the woods on a Segway? Now that is comedy. And don't worry, he managed to survive the ordeal unscathed. My guess was that he was willing to take a risk or two in a daring attempt to escape his captors and the endless humiliation of Japanese television.