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We were all quite pumped a few weeks ago when Anki announced its plan to move beyond smartphone controlled cars into emotionally intelligent robots. At the time of the announcement Anki indicated that it would release an SDK with the inclusion of Cozmo, but until now details on what that SDK would be were sparse. Now we know, and the SDK is so jam-packed with goodies that it could turn Cozmo into the Commodore 64 of robotics — a device that changes how people interact with abstruse technology.


One of the most exciting things about Microsoft's Kinect gaming peripheral (aside form Dance Central) is the awesome ways that hackers took it and used it to create really interesting and new user interfaces for engaging with technology. And now that Microsoft has officially launched an SDK that lets users create their own apps using the Kinect camera, we're wondering if any of you have downloaded it yet.


It's pretty clear that the next battleground for app developers is destined to be the television - Both Samsung and LG have already pitched their "Smart TV" offerings this year, and now Panasonic is joining the party with the launch of Smart Viera.


Grab it now if you're a developer. There doesn't seem to be anything noticeably new in the documentation, other than some API changes. We'll have to see if this includes the "fixed" reception bar display and proximity sensor tweaks.