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Everyone on The Exorcist panel -- which was preceded by a screening of the fall Fox TV show's first episode -- acknowledged the demonically-possessed elephant in the room. This is not the legendary horror film, nor is it trying to be, and they are all very aware of the pressure on anything titled The Exorcist.

The cast of Aliens assembled at Comic-Con to celebrate the iconic science fiction film's 30th anniversary, and all agreed that James Cameron's script is a key part of what makes the film a classic. But woven into that strong storytelling are also some of cinema's most memorable one-liners, as stars Bill Paxton and Sigourney Weaver recalled.

Mr Robot is everywhere at Comic-Con, with huge ads for the show plastered on busses outside the convention centre. But I still overheard someone asking, "So ... is that a show about a robot?" Given the number of fans who packed into the panel yesterday, though, it seems that the uninformed are in the minority at this point. Here's what we learned from the show's second season from its stars.