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Early next year, the Springer Nature publishing group will launch a new subscription journal devoted to artificial intelligence. Like its other journals, Nature will impose a pay wall and restrict access to paying customers - a move that isn't going over well with AI researchers, who say a for-profit subscription journal is not what the field needs right now.

After long years of research, your efforts have paid off: the archaeological site you're digging in has turned up a stash of rare, striking bones, no doubt the beginning of a groundbreaking discovery. Only then, you find the KFC wrapper, revealing that this "ancient burial ground" is just the leftovers of someone's lunch.

Bret Stephens unleashed a Category 6 hurricane on Twitter last week, when he penned a column for the New York Times espousing opinions on climate change that can best be described as... controversial. While acknowledging that human-caused global warming is a settled matter, Stephens argued that the risk climate change poses is not. As a Times push notification sent out to millions of subscribers on Friday summarized, "reasonable people can be sceptical about the dangers of climate change."