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Rick Smith, the founder and CEO of Axon (formerly Taser), offered a bold new strategy for preventing school shootings on Thursday: approach the problem like a hackathon. In a letter to the President and an appearance on CNBC, he called for a national "Grand Challenge on School Safety," a DARPA-funded contest where tech companies would compete for a $US5 million prize by pitching "innovative solutions" to gun violence in schools.

"I was only 10 when it happened," says Lane Murdock, a 15-year-old Year 10 student from Ridgefield, Connecticut. Her high school - suddenly ground zero for a national youth movement combating school gun violence - lies only 20 minutes south of Sandy Hook Elementary School. It was there, less than six years ago, that 20 children were gunned down, none more than seven years old.

The essence of virtual reality's appeal is immersing yourself in a role you normally wouldn't or couldn't in real life. Close your eyes and suddenly you're a viking or a detective dressed as a bat. But, in our somber reality, US teachers may soon find themselves forced into virtual roles they never chose for themselves: ballistic experts, first responders, crisis coordinators.