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In Australia we'll be receiving the Midnight Black, Metallic Copper and Ocean Blue versions of the freshly-announced Galaxy Note9.

For anyone keen on the lavender purple, sorry we're not getting it.

But while most of the handsets have S Pens to match, the latter has a rather distinct point of difference. Its S Pen is yellow. Here's why.

Hello, my name is Tegan and I am not a fan of Stylus'. Not on tablets. Nor laptops. And especially not on phones.

I have often questioned the point of them. After all, I have a perfectly good pointer finger to do the job. I haven't even opened the one that came with my Dell XPS 13.

And this brings us to the Galaxy Note 9, which Samsung have managed to place even more emphasis on the S Pen has defined the range for seven years. This should be interesting.