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Formula One kicked off way back in 1946 and immediately started earning a reputation as one of the world's most dangerous sports. Ever since then, the only thing that has gone faster than the drivers themselves is the speed of innovation surrounding their cars. This is a brief history of speed.

Technology has changed how spectators view sport. The steady advances in technology have been bringing the crowd ever closer to the action. The ability of umpires in many sports to refer decisions to high-tech camera equipment is the most obvious - and has added a new layer of excitement and crowd participation in sport.

In any game, raw talent will crush technology any day. But golf, much more than its less-nuanced contact-sport cousins, is a pursuit where the plethora of equipment options can seem overwhelming.

The promise for the living room of the future. One where rugby players would leap out of your television to ground a winning try on your living room rug. That future was a false start: Australia's major TV networks are killing off 3D broadcasting. But take a knee, for not all is lost. Here is the future of 3D and high-definition in Australia.

A bold platoon of Australians is over in England's backyard right now, trying to win back the Ashes Urn and the praise of a grateful nation. The first Ashes test saw Australia lose thanks to a controversial umpiring decision that eventually came down to how well the technology on the pitch keeps track of the play. Join us at the crease as we face down the tech behind cricket broadcasting.

While we like to think of Australia as the ‘clever country’, it’s not unusual for sport to dominate our national psyche. Yet the two aren’t as mutually exclusive as some may think. Australia has a long and proud history of sporting innovation. Here are seven success stories that have changed sport forever, particularly how we watch along at home...

There are some impressive advances within the sleek lines of Samsung’s new TV line up, including the 65-inch Series 8 LED. A quad-core processor helps stream content faster and works alongside Micro Dimming tech to produce more detailed pictures. World-class motion clarity brings sport to life and Samsung’s unique Evolution Kit future-proofs your investment by letting you effectively upgrade your TV. Let's take a look.

With Samsung’s latest Smart TVs, you can flick through photos taken by your smartphone, listen to music from your laptop and watch videos saved on your tablet or cloud services like DropBox -- all wirelessly streamed to your big screen. You can also stream from your TV... Samsung’s Smart View app lets you stream live TV or even Blu-ray movies to your tablet or phone. Perfect for keeping the peace with your room-mates, kids or other half.

The evolution of Smart TVs isn’t about features you don’t need; it’s about easier access to the content you love. From catch-up TV apps and streaming Foxtel movies to TV show suggestions tailored to your viewing habits. With voice interaction, you can ask your 2013 Samsung Smart TV questions like “anything to watch?” and have S-Recommendation display your list. And your Samsung Smart TV isn’t just listening. Face recognition* helps it know you’re you.