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Somewhere deep in the cobweb-filled recesses of your brain, you might remember a time when checking your email meant booting up Internet Explorer. But as this infographic shows, it wasn't long ago that the world was filled with Internet Explorers. Then, a couple years back, nearly every country switched to Chrome.


Mobile apps have less space to lay out menus and buttons and as a result it's not always obvious how to do certain tasks within an app. Case in point: Bringing back tabs you've recently closed on the mobile version of Safari. Here's how to do it with just a few taps.


iCloud Tabs have been around for a while — they work on iOS 6 or later and OS X Mountain Lion or later — but they're worth revisiting if you're new to the software or you've been dallying with other browser apps recently. Here's how to make sure the feature's switched on and where you can find it.


When Apple unleashed iOS 8 on the world, it didn't exactly break down the boundaries of its walled garden — but it did put in one or two windows. Apps can now share with each other more easily, and there's improved integration for third-party tools in Safari thanks to the new extension support. Here are 8 of the best compatible apps currently available, and what they can do for you.