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Conor McGregor recently received a lucky charm from Rolls-Royce ahead of his UFC 205 fight on the weekend, and it looks to have paid off. The custom Rolls-Royce Ghost will be unmistakable around town as it features McGregor’s face along with his alias, 'NOTORIOUS', emblazoned across matte black bodywork.


Think back to the modern era of cars and you’ll recall that there’s not been a year without a concept car to wow the crowds. Whether it’s rolled out from a factory in Italy, England, Japan or America, concept cars have long been the testing bed for cutting-edge technology and design. It’s also this very reason that a lot of these insane concept machines never actually make it onto public roads short of spawning one or two examples.


Rolls Royce is a car manufacturer with a long history, and a history of building its over-sized, super-luxury limousines solidly. The next Rolls Royce Phantom, and future Rolls Royce cars more generally, though, will use modern manufacturing techniques and the same materials used on the Tesla Model S, with an aluminium chassis and body that saves weight and adds strength, albeit at the cost of more complex design requirements.


Automakers are pushing bold, innovative ideas forward with their latest concept cars. Whether it's a car with nothing inside but a sofa and TV or an electric car resembling the Batmobile, concept cars give us a glimpse of how technology will shape the future of driving.