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Two American soldiers fight to the death in Vietnam. That's the start of Universal Soldier, which imagines the pair being brought back to life and given superstrength so they can (inevitably) fight each other again. The movie is stupidly entertaining -- but like the UniSol program itself, there are some serious glitches.

Video: Back in 1994, few could have predicted what Stargate would become. The original film was a hit, but what happened after is damn near unprecedented. Not a theatrical sequel, no, but several popular television series and a rabid fandom that far overshadowed the people who saw the original movie in theatres.

Independence Day: Resurgence feels like someone took the original film and fast forwarded to only the action scenes. Maybe that sounds good to you, and certainly the sequel's epic scope exceeds its predecessor. But without characters that mean anything to us, there's no drama or tension to the second round of this intergalactic war.

The alien invasion movie is a proven subset of the sci-fi genre. It's ripe for all kinds of interpretations, from pure action like Independence Day, to social fears like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Now, there are two brand new, very different alien invasion ships are being shopped around Hollywood.

We haven't even seen the second Independence Day movie yet but, by the simple fact it's a sequel to Independence Day, we know what to expect: Disaster and destruction on a global level. However, several years ago, director Roland Emmerich was planning an Independence Day sequel that wasn't going to include any of that.