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Even though I've never chased a sip of creamy beer with a few squirts of cock sauce, I know Sriracha is going to make it better. Hot sauce makes everything better. Just to make sure, though, I poured myself a glass of Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer.


It might occasionally come in handy as a bit of fill light for a shot, but your DSLR's pop-up flash is a poor substitute for a dedicated flash perched atop your camera. It makes sense why it sucks; it's designed to be small and compact enough to fold away. But with Rogue's Safari Flash Booster added to the mix, all of a sudden your DSLR's pop-up flash isn't so crappy any more.


Just when we'd sort of gotten over Tokyoflash's watch design, they announce the Rogue, a wristpiece that refreshes their LED-driven sci-fi style while staying true to their confounding time-telling design. The death-green flavour LCD is standard on the Rogue, but the watch comes in silver and gunmetal (otherwise known as the two official best man colours evar). However, even with Tokyoflash's helpful cheat sheet, just how one actually tells time with this watch left us scratching our heads:


If you thought putting your iPod nano in an Altoids tin was impressive, check out what Greg Sanders got inside a Penguin mints tin. It's a self-contained RPG game whose parts all fit inside the tin. All you have to do is plug in a Sega Genesis controller and a TV and you're set. Yes, but does it tell you how old your brain is?