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Trash talk has long been an effective (but underhanded) tool when it comes to sports, gaming, and other competitive endeavours. But it’s been assumed that it’s a strategy that only works between humans who can deliver remarks with emotional weight. It turns out that’s not the case, as researchers from Carnegie Mellon University discovered after programming a docile robot to trash talk a human opponent.

The Terminator and Terminator: Dark Fate share a similar problem. Both are about an artificial intelligence from the future sending a Terminator into the past to kill a woman before she can do something that could, eventually, destroy it. For Sarah Connor, that’s giving birth to John Connor, leader of the human resistance. For Dani Ramos it’s... still kind of a spoiler. But step back from that for a second.

With the decade winding down it’s time for us to set our sights on the next one. The 2020s promises to be anything but dull. From the automation revolution and increasingly dangerous AI to geohacking the planet and radical advances in biotechnology, here are the most futuristic developments to expect in the next 10 years.

If there was an emergency and you saw a police robot patrolling the area, a reasonable person would expect that simply pushing its emergency alert button would call for help. That’s what a California woman reportedly tried to do. In reality, the robot told her to get out of the way and carried on with its business.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivered a bizarre late night speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Wednesday, warning that technology could make our world a dystopian hellscape if it’s not properly constrained — a place where mattresses monitor our nightmares, heartless algorithms deny us medical care, and... robots travel from the future to slaughter humanity.

io9 was founded as a website dedicated to both science journalism and science-fiction and cultural criticism. And although that mission has evolved over the years, that intersection between science and science fiction is something that still drives co-founders Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz’ work as authors. At a recent talk in London, England, the duo discussed how their science backgrounds have influenced their fiction.

Readers of Gizmodo are no doubt very aware that since leaving the site, io9 co-founders Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz have gone on to write their own award-winning works of fiction. But how do science fiction and fantasy bloggers move to writing science fiction themselves? At a recent talk in London, England, the duo discussed their process.

Late last year Sphero revealed that it was going to stop producing toy robots based on popular characters such as R2D2, BB-8 and Lightning McQueen. Many wondered if the company’s decision to return its focus to the educational market signified the beginning of its end, but yesterday Sphero announced it has acquired littleBits, creating one of the largest makers of STEAM-focused toys.