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Choosing your co-founder should be like picking a partner for marriage. You need clear communication and a shared direction, otherwise you may not have a fairy tale ending.

This week, That Startup Show takes a look at company culture and co-founders, as well as touching on the brave new world of robot colleagues.

Anki doesn't think it's cracked the code and developed the perfect robot to work at the center of your smart home, but with Vector it feels it's created a robot adorable enough, and smart enough, to tide you over until the future finally catches up with our desire.

Tired of that smug look of satisfaction on your kid's face when they're able to find Wally on a page faster than you can? A creative agency called RedPepper built a robot that levels the Where's Wally playing field using a camera and machine learning AI to spot the striped traveller in as little as four-and-a-half seconds. Looks like you're out of a job, little Billy.

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Not a week goes by without a news story (or a few) about people losing their jobs to robots, or the potential effects of a rapidly changing labour market. We are told repeatedly about how many jobs are going to be lost. Both unskilled and skilled jobs are predicted to disappear.

These risks are no doubt real, if uncertain in their magnitude. But these prognoses are largely the work of academics and economic forecasters. How do Australians feel about their job prospects in an age of automation? Rather than robots, the 25th ANUPoll finds our greatest concerns are the risks posed by poor management and jobs going overseas.

Remember that episode of Futurama, “Crimes of the Hot”, where all the robots in New New York are sent to an island to party until they die? That’s basically this poster, except these robots will never die. At least not in our hearts.

Leading Australian Artificial Intelligence Expert Professor Toby Walsh, along with Google DeepMind, the XPRIZE Foundation and Elon Musk make up just a few of the 2,500+ signatories of a global pledge to "neither participate in nor support the development, manufacture, trade, or use of lethal autonomous weapons."

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Michael Milford, Queensland University of Technology and Jonathan Roberts, Queensland University of Technology

Vision is one of nature’s amazing creations that has been with us for hundreds of millions of years. It’s a key sense for humans, but one we often take for granted: that is, until we start losing it or we try and recreate it for a robot.

Honda just announced that it will cease development of Asimo, the super cute humanoid that tours the world in the name of stunt marketing. Asimo was 18 years old. Asimo, once heralded as the future of robotics, was not even old enough to buy a beer. But it was always happy to help sell you a Honda automobile.