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Hello, the year is 2017 and a Queensland University researcher is conducting the first Australian study into the positive influence robots can have on your eating habits.

Weight loss robots are going to be a thing, people - and you can help make it happen.


Imagine a desktop buddy, a little robot friend, that communicates in nothing but GIFs.

Well imagine no longer, my fine friends, because someone has actually created possibly the greatest gift to humanity - and they have shared exactly how its done.

Bless this day.


It's here – a world in which helper robots live with us, get us through the day, and yes, become our trusted friend. Science fiction is becoming science fact.

As sci-fi writer William Gibson noted: "The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed."

The demand for helper robots is booming, and academia, industry and the military are working overtime to meet the need as a whole new industry gains momentum.


Not many people realise that Australia actually has a small but active group of robot warriors. From small events in a local shed to national and international competitions, these backyard boffins do battle.