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We didn't realise it then, but the winter of 1987 was an all-timer, at least at the movies. Over three cold months, Hollywood released several films we still hold near and dear to our hearts today, whether we consider them timeless classics or beloved shlock.


The Singularity is coming soon! Artificial intelligences will reinvent everything, and there will be unlimited rice pudding. Except, of course, that when we imagine artificial intelligences in fiction, they're often not that smart. Case in point? These 10 ridiculously dumb artificial intelligences.


Two of film's greatest robotic leading men have finally been mashed up into this wonderful prototype figure that Neca teased on its Twitter feed last night. But supposedly it's not just the company's designers messing around, Neca might actually produce the figure in 2016.


The Robocop remake doesn't just reinvent his outer shell with a sleek new shape -- it also changes how the cyborg police officer sees the rest of the world. We spoke to lead designer Mert Kizilay from the L.A. design studio yU+Co about creating a new user interface for Robocop.


If the recent RoboCop remake has made you extra nostalgic for the original films, this 1:4-scale figure should provide you with all of the fond memories you need. In fact, with 30 points of articulation, and a face painted with a multi-layer technique that even shows veins beneath the skin, from a distance you might just mistake it for the real thing.


The original Robocop, released in 1987 and directed by Paul Verhoeven, was not only one of the best science fiction films of the last three decades -- "a brilliant comedy operating in the guise of an ultraviolent action movie," as Tom Scocca described it on Gawker -- it was also a Christian allegory. At least according to Paul Verhoeven himself who, in a 2010 interview, referred to his resurrected robot hero as "the American Jesus."


I have a theory about the making of the new RoboCop. At some point during the development process, a rival movie studio infiltrated MGM and deliberately sabotaged the film with extreme prejudice. The screenwriters, director and executive producers were all hatchet-wielding moles with a secret mission – to deliver the crappiest take on RoboCop possible. Someone powerful wanted to kill this franchise in the womb. And for the most part, they succeeded.


Why let Hollywood studios destroy your childhood, when random fans on the internet will treat your loving memories much better? The Robocop reboots are coming out and roundly panning the film, so what better time to take the covers off a scene-for-scene retelling of the classic film made by folks on the internet?


Holy wow, the new Robocop movie is shaping up to be a monster of a movie about one monster of a human-machine-hybrid law-enforcement killer. The latest trailer details some of the backstory the movie will use to justify Robocop's existence. And Samuel L. Jackson yelling stuff. Oh and Michael Keaton being evil. Evil Keaton is the best.