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There have been a lot of casualties on The Walking Dead. One of the earliest and most tragic fatalities was the surprising end met by Dale Horvath, everyone's favourite fisherman hat-wearing grandpa figure. His death came as a shock for fans, but get ready for another shock - the actor himself was the one who pulled the plug on his tenure on the AMC series.

Zombie stories almost always have the same end game: Either humanity finds a cure, or everyone dies. In today's Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic-Con, franchise creator Robert Kirkman said definitely his show will never, ever, look for a solution to the undead apocalypse. (Looks like everyone dying is still on the table, though.)

After "categorically denying" that he was working on a remake of An American Werewolf in London back in August, it looks like Max Landis (son of the original film's writer-director, John Landis) has revised his position. Deadline just reported that the film is officially a go, and the younger Landis will write it.

Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) will bring Roger Zelazny's 10-part Chronicles of Amber book series to television, with co-producer David Alpert of Skybound Entertainment calling it "one of my favourite book series of all time" and "a lifelong dream" of a project. Sounds like it's in good hands.