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Simply put, Ellen Ripley is the Alien franchise. Even though her adversary gets the title, Ripley is the star of the first four films, and her story is what ties everything together. So the fact that director Ridley Scott has an idea to work her back into his films isn't a surprise. But the way he wants to do it might be.


So it's come to this. Blade Runner fans have debated for decades whether or not Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) was a replicant. And they have debated whether or not there even was an answer in the movie at all. They have debated who to believe. And when Blade Runner 2049 directed Denis Villeneuve said that there wouldn't be an answer in the sequel, we made our peace. Well, Ridley Scott's kicked that wasp nest all over again.


No one argues that Alien and Aliens are the best films in the Alien franchise. It's an objective, undisputed fact. After that, though, nothing is certain — is Alien 3 a good movie? How bad is Resurrection? Do the Alien vs. Predator movies count? Did you like Prometheus? The debates go on and on.


Video: The latest Alien: Covenant trailer wasn't supposed to drop until tomorrow, but lookie here: A deeper exploration of the Covenant's crew and the nature of their mission, a good look at the (weirdly quiet) planet they land on, lots of running and shrieking and an ominous tag line straight outta Dante's Inferno.


Vampire shows are a constant on TV — but The Passage, a pilot just ordered by Fox, has some unusual elements lifting it above the pack. Behind the scenes, it has Liz Heldens (Friday Night Lights), Matt Reeves (Felicity, Cloverfield, War for the Planet of the Apes) and Ridley Scott (you know his credits). And its story isn't a typical bloodsucker tale.