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It appears that the Trump administration has an opportunity to undo the reopening of diplomatic relations with Cuba -- just like it wanted to do. Following unexplained "covert sonic device" attacks on envoys from both the US and Canada that were stationed in Havana, the US State Department is pulling more than half of its staff out of Cuba, and warning travellers of potential danger.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson landed in New Zealand yesterday during his tour of countries in Asia and the South Pacific. And the people of New Zealand greeted him with a sea of middle fingers. Why did so many kiwis flip off Tillerson's motorcade? They're upset about the Trump regime's abandonment of the Paris Accord, a climate agreement with near universal support.

If the 2016 US election taught us anything, we now know that proper handling of email is the most important thing in the world. Recently, it came to light that while Rex Tillerson was CEO of ExxonMobil, he used an email account with an alias for his communications. Following a court order to turn over those documents, Exxon's lawyers say that they have misplaced them.

Yesterday Elon Musk stunned us (and just about everyone else) by tweeting in support of Rex Tillerson, former CEO of ExxonMobil and likely Secretary of State under the Trump administration. Musk's public image is that of a tycoon using his influence to innovate towards a techno-utopian future powered by clean energy and complete with human cities on Mars. What could he possibly have in common with a mogul who made his fortune sucking the Earth's resources dry? Gizmodo asked him. And today he answered.

Future Martian President Elon Musk is a businessman and a capitalist, but ostensibly one with his eye on the future. SpaceX is trying to make commercial space travel not only possible but cheap. Tesla seeks to end our over-reliance on gasoline through electric cars. So why is he on Twitter making nice with oil tycoon and secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson?