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Shades of Minority Report, anyone? Singularity Hub reports on the use of supercomputers to mine millions of news reports in order to more accurately predict political instability. It can't quite read the future, yet, technically speaking.


According to Droid Life, Verizon is getting ready to release an onslaught of Android phones in the next few weeks. Tthe Droid X2, expected to pack a dual-core Tegra 2 chip, and the LG Revolution, a 4G LTE Android phone that's supposed to be the first Android phone with Netflix, are both expected to release on May 12th (next Thursday).


Tech-centric human rights group Access has published a handy primer for those looking to participate in a Middle Eastern or North African revolution (and keep their identities private while at it). You know - those secret police are arseholes.


An unidentified fighter jet plummets from Libyan skies over Benghazi, Libya. CNN was unable to independently identify if the plane was indeed a rebel fighter sent to reinforce their position in that city, as was suggested by a source.


Photoshop! Great for airbrushing models in magazine! Also great to draw up hilarious caricatures of a crazy and troubled dictator! This is a wonderful picture of Anti-Gaddafi protestors using their photoshop skills to cartoonise Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. It was taken inside a burnt down state security building.


Whether you're calling it a TWITTER REVOLUTION or just a revolution revolution, there's no doubt social media had helped boot Mubarak out of power in Egypt. This visualisation shows how #jan25 tweets (and retweets) boomed as the movement accelerated.


Civilization, goes an old maxim, is four meals away from barbarism – once the food deliveries stop, so does law and order. That could mean trouble for the political uprising in Egypt. It may also be what triggered it.


Future Retro's Revolution Synthesizer R2 looks amazing; we completely have no use for a synthesiser, but we totally want one. With a complete aluminium construction, perfectly contrasting gun gray and white colours, as well as a smattering of blue LEDs all over, this synthesiser makes us moist in the most clichéd way possible. If that was not enough to get you interested, perhaps the circular sequencer interface, which allows single handed control; the ability to play patterns forwards, backwards, upside down and sideways, as well as remote pattern selection using MIDI program change messages will have you reaching for your anorexic wallet?