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There’s early plans to resurrect an unused Night of the Living Dead sequel script from George Romero. The Purge TV show is getting a second season. Plus, Riverdale casts an intriguing new character with ties to Hiram, and a new look at Anna and the Apocalypse. Spoilers now!

I wasn't planning on watching Reverie. NBC's crime drama about scifi dream magic is dumb summer fodder that will be gone before you know it. But I'm going to go there and say everyone needs to check it out. Why? Because you may never find a better example of a network taking good scifi genre television and distilling it down for technology-hating baby boomers. Basically, Reverie is a terrible Westworld knockoff built from CSI reruns.

Hideo Kojima continues to be full of hope for the Metal Gear Solid movie. Zazie Beetz teases how X-Force will re-introduce the team. Clark Gregg hints at his Agents of SHIELD future. Plus, meet Preacher's latest villain, get a look at NBC's new near-future VR show Reverie, and Andy Serkis wants in on the Batman movie. Spoilers, away!