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The series finale of Quantum Leap was bleak (to put it mildly), with the final title card confirming that Scott Bakula's character, Sam Beckett, remained lost in time. However, one video claims a long-rumoured alternate ending was actually real, one which would have made it possible for Sam to make that final leap home.

We could be getting a Quantum Leap movie in the future, but for now the television series is still the primary leap Sam Beckett has taken. And if you're wondering just how many times Scott Bakula leapt before what might be one of the most depressing endings ever shown on television, here's a map that lays out just how many places he was forced to go before his final leap home... that never happened.

Time-travelling problem-solver Dr Sam Beckett experienced plenty of bizarre situations over five seasons of Quantum Leap, but certain episodes stand out as pushing the boundaries of weirdness to the extreme. They are, of course, our very favourite QL episodes, and with a little help from Ziggy, we've gathered them here.