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After last week's "let's check in where we left off" season premiere, the action explodes forward in episode two, "IFF." Thanks to a high-speed space chase and the wonders of Martian power armour, The Expanse's two most prominent Earthers are finally about to come together for the first time, a meeting fans have been waiting since the show began - and a new character has arrived to majorly disrupt the war between Earth and Mars.

Jupiter's sandy swirls and blue-hued poles are visible even from Earth. But the Juno spacecraft's crisp and colourful images begin as warped and dull raw files. The fantastic finished visuals are the result of enthusiastic amateur astronomers, software developers, and artists communicating over message boards. They work together to turn the raw images into accurate art for the space-loving public.

Last month, Apple released a snazzy new music video commercial directed by Spike Jonze with music by Anderson Paak and starring FKA Twigs. So far it has been viewed roughly 8,725,000 on YouTube. I can't be the only one that noticed this incredibly dark switcheroo it pulls right in front of your eyes.

For as long as artificial sweeteners have existed, people have been warned about their supposed health risks such as cancer and multiple sclerosis. But while these claims are routinely debunked as nothing more than junk science, some research - including a new study presented this week at the annual Experimental Biology conference - is beginning to indicate that sweeteners could actually contribute to health problems like type 2 diabetes.