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If you've been following the trials and tribulations of Constance Newlove and the quest to crack the Quantum Code, then you're probably already aware that tomorrow she'll be personally delivering the final Clue at Midday at World Square in Sydney. You'll definitely need to be there in person if you want your shot at the prize - the final clue won't be available to anybody other than the people at Sony Central tomorrow.

If you haven't been trying to crack the clues, it's not to late for you to start. You can track down the video mission briefings online, look for Constance's profile and hit the Quantum Central forums to find someone else to help you along your way.

And if you're not based in Sydney, remember that the Quantum Central Forums contain people from Sydney that you can partner with to win the prize. How you split the booty is up to you.

A recap of the first three clues is below the fold. We'll recap other three clues later this afternoon...

Yesterday's clue for the Quantum Code was the toughest yet, requiring a discreet Melbourne meeting with the shady information trader Vaughan. Luckily for those of you who couldn't make the meeting, we've come across some top-secret images that we understand hold the key to the elusive sixth part of the code. Check them out after the jump...

If you've been trying to crack the Quantum Code (and you should be), today's clue is one of the toughest challenges yet. It involves actually going out to meet the shady information dealer Vaughn -- in person.

He'll be waiting to meet you between 11:30 and 2:30 today. Where will he be waiting? Well, you'll have to scan the code above and find out.

And if you can't make it there to meet him yourself, you should hit the Quantum Central forums to recruit an associate to help you. Remember, this is a national competition, and only through hard work, teamwork and some rather clever code-cracking will you be able to have a real shot at the $15K Sony prize pack.

It's the most dangerous mission yet. But Danger always was your middle name, wasn't it?

OMG! Constance needs YOU! Now! The Quantum Code is rapidly approaching its exciting conclusion, and clue six has just gone live. Now the question is: do you have what it takes to crack the code and walk away with the $15K worth of Sony gear?

If you're struggling, make sure you head on over to our Quantum Central forums to discuss the clues with other Gizmodians. Because if a non-Giz reader cracks the code first, I'm going to be very disappointed with all of you!

Clue number Four has just gone live in the Quantum Code promotion, so scan the QR code above to start your daily codecracking.

And remember to use our Quantum Central forums to try and collude with other Australians to try and crack the code: Remember, this is a nationwide contest, although the entry computer is located in Sydney. If you are interstate, maybe you could share one of the digits you've cracked with a Sydneysider for a percentage of that $15,000 Sony prize pool. $15K is a lot of gear, after all.

The second Quantum Code clue has now hit the interwebs, getting you one step closer to solving the puzzle. As always, scan the QR code above and follow the link to the clue.

And if you're struggling to work out any part of the Quantum Code puzzle, why not discuss it in our Quantum Central forum? It's the best place to collaborate with other Gizmodians on how to solve the puzzle and take home the prize...

So now that the first Quantum Code clue is live, you may have solved it and been wondering anything from "what the hell does that mean?" to "what next?" Well, the answer is to check out our Quantum Code forum.

Once there, you can discuss with other code-crackers the latest developments in the competition. You can collude, coerce and contrive ways to get others to help you solve the clues to crack the code, or you can just ask for help. This will be a nationwide competition, so you may need to get interstate Gizmodians to help you with certain clues so that you can stand a chance to crack the code.

So hit the forums and begin the discussion!

We gave you guys a heads up on this last week, and now the first clue is available for the Quantum Code. What is the Quantum Code? How do you crack the Quantum Code? What do you get if you actually do crack the Quantum Code?

All these questions - and more - will be answered when you scan the QR code above and follow the link. And while you're working with Constance Newlove to solve the Quantum Code, tell her G'day from Gizmodo - from what I hear, she's a big fan.

It's all a bit hush-hush at the moment, but Sony Australia's got a pretty exciting promotion headed your way in the next few days.

It's called the Quantum Code, and involves Sony prizes, Gizmodo readers and a rather fetching young thing named Constance Newlove.

Check out the spiel from Sony, then scan the QR code above for more information. And you can check out a teaser of the promotion after the jump.

A locked safe, containing secrets that could change the world forever. A global network of arms dealers, terrorists and villains. And a mysterious seven digit code called the QUANTUM CODE.

Be prepared for mystery, drama and intrigue. In your search for the QUANTUM CODE, your missions will be challenging and unpredictable - and the results could change your life forever.

Scan the QR code for the first in a series of intriguing clues, brought to you by Sony Australia. Keep your eyes peeled for new developments on this exciting competition.

For a preview of the challenge that lies ahead, click on the attached trailer and stay tuned for more information...

While one Apple zealot was video taping their iPhone 3G under Paris Hiltonesque NightShot (innocently we're sure), they spotted a matrix code on the left side of the phone. We assume it's just serial/IMEI data that's often shoved in a phone's battery compartment (which isn't exactly an option for the iPhone 3G), but we're happy to start an exciting internet rumour that every iPhone has been marked with the sign of Satan and that the Apocalypse is near. Or maybe just that Steve Jobs is somehow secretly filming you naked (but we're pretty sure that one's actually true).