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Hopefully this is some kind of unfunny joke, but there is now a line of QR code clothing. Yeah, that's right. QRTribe makes hoodies, purses and t-shirts printed with these ugly things that no one uses. When you scan them, they'll take you to a page that has links to all of your social media profiles. Eureka!


Picture this: You're sitting in La Premiere, watching the latest superhero blockbuster on the big screen. Just as the superhero in question is about to be pummelled by the bad guy, you have a sudden and irrepressible craving for a choc top. Do you leave the movie to satisfy your hunger, missing the key action sequence? Or do you suffer through until the movie shifts to the unavoidable romance subplot? The answer is neither, thanks to a new technology being trialled by Mastercard, Commbank and Hoyts.