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Ahead of its press conference at IFA today, Samsung has announced its brand new 8K QLED Q900R. This follows an 8K TV announcement from LG yesterday and we have a feeling this will only be the start of an 8K trend in Germany this week.

It's the question we've been passionately debating for thousands of years: does bigger mean better? Well, we've decided that in 2018 - when it comes to TVs at least - the answer is yes.

This is why we've made the call that bigger is definitely better.

Much like our phones, which were once reserved for making calls to actual human beings, TVs have become smarter and smarter over the years and now come packed with incredible features to improve our lives.

Whether you're always searching for new ways to make your home connected, or are a more traditional viewer looking to get the most out of your new TV, we've got all the best tips and tricks for the ultimate home entertainment experience.

Samsung set out to create an unbelievable viewing experience with its latest TVs - and they certainly hit the mark.

The new 2018 Samsung QLED TV range not only ups the stakes in terms of viewing experience, it also reimagines the look and style of the TV to bring a whole new level of sophistication to the home.

How Samsung achieved this is through a series of innovative new features, and they certainly went big, literally!

The role of the TV is changing, so Samsung are changing too. 2018 is all about those sleek, sleek designs.

"In the past, it's been like a tech beauty pagent," Eena Kim, Creative Director of Samsung's Visual Display team told me this morning at the launch in New York.

"It's all about who has the best colours, the best specs, the best picture - but we have forgotten who we are speaking to - who we are designing for."

These days, your home theatre doesn't need to be a massive installation that takes up an entire room of your house. You can mount an ultra flat QLED TV on the wall of your living room, and with a single ultra-thin cable, have your entire home entertainment setup connected while it's hidden away.

If your TV is getting old, it needs an upgrade -- you and your living room deserve the best, right? You'll be pleased to know that the TVs of 2017 are far advanced from the flickery old LCD and plasma screens of a few years ago. The new star on the block is QLED, a TV technology that gives you unrivalled picture quality no matter what you're watching.

QLED is Samsung's name for its latest quantum dot LED-backlit TVs, and QLED means business. Samsung is promising black levels that you'd only otherwise expect to see on a top-of-the-line OLED TV, and colours that are not only incredibly vibrant and bright, but also accurate. The Q8 is a $4500-plus screen that'll make your Netflix sessions look amazing.

If you're a big-name TV maker, 'LCD' is a dirty word. OLED is a different technology, but in recent generations LCD panels have been rebranded with modern monikers, from LED to ULED to Samsung's own SUHD. Now, Samsung has a new line of TVs it's calling QLED, with a quantum dot LED-backlit LCD panel that promises huge improvements to picture quality.