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The first stats on Qantas's fast, free inflight Wi-Fi are in: nearly a third of all passengers on the first 'net-connected jet have been using the service, reliability is excellent, and download speeds are faster than most homes' ADSL connections.

We're up in the air today for a quick plane journey to test out Qantas's brand new in-flight internet, which is available today to Qantas flyers for free and for the first time. It's only on a single jet -- ours! -- for now, but will be rolled out to the entire Qantas fleet throughout the year. Join in as we put it through its paces.

After a short delay and a whole bunch of testing, Qantas's first domestic jet with onboard Wi-Fi is set to take to the skies on regular passenger service. It's the first plane of Qantas's entire domestic and international short-haul fleet to be hooked up, but the rest will follow in short order.