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Normally the ABC's Q&A program is reserved for lofty opinions, obnoxious politicians and a rabid Twitter discussion, but next week Q&A will play host to none other than Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist, Bill Gates.


Last night, outspoken entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan dropped by the ABC's flagship panel program, Q&A, to participate in a panel about politics with some of the nation's most serious political guns. Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop, Cabinet Minister Bill Shorten, Greens Leader Christine Milne and prominent candidate and comedian Tim Ferguson were all there to join Ruslan, and we had been expecting fireworks like we had last time the man appeared on the program. Instead, we got a soft, by-the-numbers quote or two from Ruslan that spoke volumes about why he was really there.


The last time tech entrepreneur and serial big-noter Ruslan Kogan appeared on the ABC's Q&A program, he had a few controversial things to say about things like the Carbon Tax and Julia Gillard's leadership as Prime Minister. Fans of controversial chat everywhere then will be pleased to know that Ruslan will re-join the Q&A panel this coming Monday night.


They say any publicity is good publicity, and Ruslan Kogan's no stranger to generating as much as he can for himself and his online gadget store. Today it's no different, with the latest stunt emerging as a somewhat peaceful demonstration against the Gillard government's carbon pricing scheme or "carbon tax".


You know what would be a nice change? A televised discussion about the Internet filter that didn't just involve the words "child porn", "bestiality" and "pro-rape websites" thrown around again and again. That could happen next week, with Greens Senator Scott Ludlam appearing on ABC show Q&A with the hope of discussing the filter and online privacy on the show. Let's help him out.


Senator Conroy has a lot to answer for. Between trying to destroy filter the internet and keeping the whole NBN process clouded in secrecy (so nobody can criticise his handling of it, we suppose), there are a lot of arguments and issues that the Minister needs to answer for. And considering he's going to be a guest on the ABC's Q&A program next Thursday, this could be our chance to ask him the tough questions.