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Considering the whole premise of FetchTV is that it's connected to the Internet for content, it's amazing that it's taken the company this long to launch a mobile app that offers remote control to the PVR's key functions. Still, better late than never!


Humax's DLNA-enabled PVR offers another TV catchup and recording option for Australian homes, but with PVR takeup rates being rather low, will anyone care?


When they write TiVo's obituary, the last paragraph will be devoted to the Premiere Elite, a DVR that may cost more than your average 32-inch TV. But it recorded four channels at once, they'll cry. And we'll all solemnly nod our heads, and shrug, and immediately forget.


Back in 2002, TiVo launched in the UK. It didn't do too well, and the company pulled out of the UK market, but continued to support those customers who had bought their product... Until now. Nine years later, those original UK TiVo customers are up in arms about the fact that TiVo are planning to stop supporting the backend, essentially turning their boxes into paperweights. Given the current financial problems TiVo Australia seems to find itself in, could this be a sign of things to come?


Digital Products Group, the company behind the Aussie distribution of Beyonwiz and Slingbox among other brands, has just launched a new PVR brand in Australia called Magic TV. From the specs, it doesn't seem to be too magical though.


Telstra today reported the company's performance for the first couple of months of the 2010-2011 financial year, and one figure stood out from the rest: Apparently the Telco has sold around 100,000 T-Box IPTV DVRs and T-Hub fixed home phone tablet device since they launched in June and April.


You already had some music choices with TiVo Premiere - Rhapsody and Music Choice have been available for some time - but now Pandora's joined the party. Sad news, though, for those of you clinging to your prior-generation TiVos: this app's for Premiere only.


Given Samsung's penchant for shouting "First!" with home entertainment products, it's surprising that it's taken them so long to stick a hard drive and a HDTV tuner inside one of their Blu-ray players to make a one-box shop for your home theatre. Especially considering Panasonic has been doing it for years. But now they have, and it's coming to Australia.


You have a hard time remembering an age when you didn't DVR shows to watch later. But that's never been true for the majority of Americans - until now. The time shifters are taking over. That's wonderful.


Monsoon Multimedia's place-shifting, time-shifting Vulkano wonder box might actually encourage you to place-shift your butt off the couch, boasting a variety of ways to enjoy your media on the go. And it's now available for pre-order, shipping on August 10.


Nick gave you guys a pretty comprehensive look at what IPTV service FetchTV will include when it rolls out on iiNet and other carriers. But there was one question he didn't address: will the channel line-up eventually include adult content? Or to put it more bluntly: where's the porn?