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There are a lot of reasons to game on a PC instead of a console. The ability to upgrade your game machine on your own time and in accordance with your own budget is a big advantage. The improved performance -- due to the sheer power of new PC hardware -- is another. According to Gamasutra, Kevin Gammill, Group Program Manager for Xbox, seems to think another, very cool feature of PC gaming is about to come to television gaming: Variable refresh rate.

We finally know the specs for Microsoft's supercharged Xbox One: The Project Scorpio console. They're impressive. The GPU has nearly four times as many compute units as the original Xbox One and the memory on the console will be 108GB/s faster than the memory in both the Xbox One S and Scorpio's primary challenger, the PS4 Pro. On paper this thing reads like lightning.

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Microsoft has promised that their next console, Scorpio, will be "the most powerful console ever," and today the company delivered on that promise, revealing a set of beefy specs that, in terms of raw power, surpass any video game console on the market today.