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In late 2006/early 2007, then Xbox boss Peter Moore wanted a "Wii Killer" to be the centrepiece of Microsoft's next E3 press conference. So he had two teams compete to try and make him one.

So much for that sub-$US100 price we were all expecting. If some early prices from Swedish retailers are anything to go by, we're all going to be scrimping on the luxury eggnog this Christmas.

A pre-Christmas launch date was always known for Project Natal, but October sounds quite early. Perhaps Microsoft has seen what happens with the Wii every Christmas and is taking measures to ensure they don't sell out, making kiddies worldwide disappointed?

Obviously you're going to need some space to flail your arms and legs about, but 4m? Seems like quite a bit just to play video games - even if Project Natal is the most anticipated gaming add-on this year.

We're only into the second week of the year, but already we've seen thousands of gadgets and gizmos announced, thanks to CES. But what to splurge on? Hopefully our choices this year will help you out in your buying quandaries.