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If you're an enthusiastic PC gamer, there is a legitimately good reason to buy a new Ultra HD TV. Consoles look good at 4K, but it's PCs that do the most to show off the potential of the new display tech. Last Friday, I played Project CARS on LG's new curved Ultra HD OLED TV, in glorious 4K. (4K and Ultra HD are the same thing, of course -- it's all just a marketing term for the 3840x2160pixel resolution standard.) Bandai Namco was running a special preview of the racing title, now due to be released in March next year, to show off the LG TV's gaming abilities, so I went along to give a Formula 1 car a test drive around Mount Panorama.

Project CARS continues to be one of the more ambitious video game projects ever made, with a commitment to bringing reality onto the virtual track with more lifelike cars, physics and of course, sounds. Having a supercar drive by is an experience for the senses, and Project CARS has gone all out to make the sound as authentic as possible. This concept video shows that it sounds freaking amazing.