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The Australian Energy Market Commission says the average Australian's electricity bill will rise by $78 from mid next year, with a new report blaming the renewable energy target and the closure of coal-fired power stations for the price hike.


If you're lucky enough to be in the roll-out footprint of the National Broadband Network, you're about to get way luckier: Dodo just unveiled a range of NBN plans, including pretty competitive unlimited offering. Check these out.


After offering a sneak peek as to what we could expect at CES in January, Sony finally unveiled it's 2013 Australian TV range last night, and the focus is moving away from smarter TVs in terms of content and into smarter panels in terms of picture and sound.


When I say the words "low-cost mobile carrier" to you, don't be upset if you get a weird taste in your mouth. That's the feeling of all those past experiences of saddling up to low-cost mobile carriers letting you down all at once. Whether it's in the network, the customer service or even the bill shock you got from something that promised "no-catches", low-cost carriers are never what they crack up to be. Except this one.


After being unceremoniously booted from its MVNO operator contract with Optus last year, Boost Mobile was left without a network to call home. Telstra stepped into the breach and picked up the pieces so that it could have a foot in the door with the youth. Boost Mobile officially relaunched today with -- you guessed it -- unlimited pre-paid offers. So how does it compare to the others we have seen in recent days and weeks?


EFTM has done a bang-up job uncovering what looks to be the pricing schedule for Aldi's upcoming mobile phone service, and right now it looks like it caters to both low and extreme mobile users. Check out the pricing in here.


Ahead of the Windows 8 launch on Friday, Dell has come out with a big fat update for us. Here is how much you can expect to pay for every single Windows 8 device the company makes, including the XPS 12 convertible tablet, the Latitude tablet, and both the Inspiron One 23 AIO and the Inspiron 15z.


Rarely am I given the opportunity to interview a genius. Someone who has really shaken up the tech world. So, when the opportunity to interview the founder and inventor of Lytro Cameras, Dr Ren Ng, presented itself I leapt at the chance. One thing is for sure: the man -- like his iconic camera -- does not disappoint. His is a story that will change the way you take photos. Pull focus with us.


Missing a shot due to a poor boot time is crappy, and losing a shot to terrible auto-focus is worse. Imagine if you could boot a camera in a matter of milliseconds and take a shot that you can refocus after the fact? That's the brilliance of Lytro, and the best part is that it's already here. After months of waiting, it's finally on sale in Australia, and we've been playing with it for some time now. Should you buy it this window into the future?