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I wish there wasn't any music to this video. I wish it would just be the sounds of the pottery wheel spinning, the hands shaping the clay and the quiet focus of the ceramics masters resonating. But even with the music, watching masters of their craft actually perform their craft is an incredible sight to see.


Conventional refrigeration does an incredible job keeping food fresh, but that technology hasn't helped desert dwellers without steady electricity. A more recent development in refrigeration — the Zeer pot-in-pot refrigerator — only requires water, sand and a hot, dry climate to preserve produce through evaporative cooling. Here's how to make the simple gadget.


Nobody kills house plants on purpose, but if you're likely to forget to water your ferns or herbs, this clever planter by designer Joey Roth could save you some grief. It's not fancy, newfangled technology — just an ancient concept re-imagined.