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The new MacBook is out this week, and its most famous attribute -- other than its model skinniness -- is its single USB-C port for power and everything else. Yep, you can't power your machine and use an external monitor or USB drive at the same time. So let's build a crazy multi-port dream machine together.


The press release wars, verbal assaults and party-line barrages continue between politicians and fanboys alike over the future of high-speed broadband infrastructure in Australia, and it's an issue that will be used as an lightning rod by both parties at the upcoming Federal Election. So here it is: which NBN plan do you prefer: the Coalition's fibre-to-the-node strategy or the government's fibre-to-the-home plan?


I still have not-so-fond memories of using Mosiac on a DEC system at University to browse that newfangled information superhighway, but you crazy kids of today can't seem to pick a browser and stick with it.


The Direct Marketing Association, a lovely group dedicated to forcing ads down your throat, have done a study that found that while a mere 7% of mobile phone users are open to receiving ads on their phone, a much more significant 24% say they've responded to such ads on their phone. A whole quarter of the phone population responding to ads? That has advertisers salivating, so you know that phone ads will be the norm soon enough. So, lets say they came up with a deal that paid for half of your bill if you agreed to watch a few ads a day on your phone. Would you do it?


newVideoPlayer("KITT3.flv", 463, 387,"");The new KITT's dashboard has been officially revealed, confirming the previously leaked image (in high resolution after the jump, along with a gratuitous—but necessary—photo of the new car and the Hoff at the Playboy Mansion) and Knight Rider's producer David Bartis' words about the interior design's similarities with the iPhone: