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Ever since Zune Video marketplace, Microsoft has made a big deal about the social viewing side of entertainment on the Xbox. Sony want in on that social side of things, launching PlayTV Live Chat yesterday. The service lets you text chat with other people watching the same shows as you are using the Play TV. Exciting!


I just spent an hour or so with some of the guys from Sony Computer Entertainment and getting a good, close look at the new PS3 Slim. I know the Interwebs are teeming with photos and videos and impressions, so I figured I'd give you my thoughts in Haiku format. Below the jump, of course!


You know all those big Playstation announcements that Sony made yesterday out of Liepzig? Well the local branch of Playstation has dropped some info on what they mean locally, and the bad news is that when it comes to getting the latest and greatest, Australia is on a severe time delay.

For a start, we're not getting the 160GB PS3. Considering we're only just getting the 80GB model next week, this doesn't come as a complete surprise, especially considering Sony's willingness to let users swap in their own hard drives. But having a higher-end model might have been nice for hardcore gamers, especially if we see the same Rock Band 2 features appear on Playstation (and we actually get Rock Band 1 or 2 at some point, I guess).

The new PSP-3000 drops on October 16 for $299.95, and the wireless keyboard peripheral will land by the end of the year for an undisclosed sum.


A war is brewing. The war for your television viewing habits.

It started with TiVo. Channel 7 wants to take over your lounge room with a decent PVR, full of cool functions like SeasonPass and IP Video. Then Foxtel decided to crank it up a notch with the iQ2 - adding HD to their already impressive digital box. The other day, Sony decided to join the fray by announcing the PlayTV add-on for the PS3, turning your console into a PVR.


There's been a few rumblings recently about the PlayTV's European launch, but at a briefing today in Sydney, Sony announced that Australia will be getting the PlayTV in the fourth quarter this year, for less than $200, although official pricing and release dates are still to be confirmed.


For the first time in a long time, we want to grab Sony and kiss them square on the lips. Because PlayTV, the PlayStation 3's DVR/PVR (that's not coming to the States yet), will record television to MPEG2 files that can be easily copied off the system to any storage medium you'd like. That's right, no DRM.


Even though the PlayTV PVR for the PS3 was announced for Europe in the middle of '07, they still haven't managed to release it yet (target date was early 2008). The BBC managed to get a hands-on video look at the device over at Sony's UK offices and it actually looks pretty great.


newVideoPlayer("PlayTV_gawker.flv", 475, 376); While filming this walkthrough of Sony's new DVR on the PS3 (with content streamed to the PSP), I mouthed to another writer, "This is hot shit!"

And I meant it. Especially regarding the part that looks like Apple's Front Row.