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Video: Guerilla Games, the studio responsible for making Horizon: Zero Dawn — a Playstation exclusive that looks like it'll make amazing use of the PS4 Pro's beautiful HDR — hasn't made an open-world game before. In the past, it made the Killzone series of tight corridor shooters, but FPS is a very different beast to RPG. A short series of videos from Sony looks at how Guerilla evolved to adapt to the challenge, and what it means for the gameplay of H:ZD.


So for the last two weeks, my PlayStation 4 hasn't been working.

To be more precise, it was refusing to play discs.


Sony is releasing a "Glacier White" version of the new-look, slimline 500GB Playstation 4, launching in Australia on 25 January.

But remember, kids. When you buy a white console, you're really just pre-ordering a yellow one.


I've been stubbornly holding off upgrading to 4K for a while now. I mean, what am I going to do with it? Watch South Park? My current TV is adequate enough, and there's just not enough content out there yet to justify the investment, I tell myself. For anything where gorgeous gaming is super important I turn to PC, I tell myself.

Then PlayStation Experience 2016 happened. The Last Of Us Part II. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Horizon Zero Dawn. I'm now overwhelmed with a need to do these games justice. Dammit.

Here's all the trailers from the event so you can see for yourself.