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By now it's no secret that Sony sucks at cybersecurity. The company's movie business, Sony Pictures Entertainment, was recently hit with what may end up being the biggest corporate hack in history. It's not the first time Sony has laid claim to that title. And, if history is any guide, it probably won't be the last.


Remember when those hackers kicked Sony's door in last year, nicking off with quite a lot of Playstation Network data and leaving the service offline for the better part of a month? A few users were miffed off by this and decided to sue. Bad news for them this morning though, after the judge dismissed most of the class action suit, saying that Sony got off simply because it never promised the Playstation Network would be perfect.


Poor old Sony was hammered by both media and its own users earlier this year, after news broke of a large-scale hacking of its PlayStation Network. And now it's happened again.


Just days before journalists around the world began calling Sony's PSN FUBAR a "month-long" outage, Sony has finally managed to flick the switch back to the on position on the online gaming and Qriocity sections of its PSN service.