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With all the Pixel 3 leaks making their way around the net, we’ve been wondering when Google would finally get around to announcing a date for its annual spring launch event. Well, now we know: It’s going to be on October 9 in New York City.

There was always something off about the Pixel Buds. Google released the smart, wireless headphones a full year after Apple released the AirPods. But the Pixel Buds aren't exactly wireless, and they're not exactly smart, either. In fact, after spending a few days with the product, I'm prepared to say it: the Pixel Buds suck.

Doppler Labs emerged four years ago as a rare breed in the startup world. It had an original idea - putting a computer in everyone's ear and allowing them to control the sound of their world - and it was ambitious without forcing snake oil down people's throats. On Wednesday, the company announced that it was going out of business.

With all the glitz of Google's October event last week focusing on the new Pixel 2 phone, it was easy to miss two other announcements: a new miniature Google Home speaker called the Home Mini (and a big one called the Max), and a pair of Bluetooth earphones called the Pixel Buds that pack in some Google Assistant AI smarts. If you're wondering when they're coming to Australia and how much they'll cost, this is where you find out.

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Early this morning, Google pulled back the curtain on a suite of new products at their event in San Francisco including the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, new Google Home products, a 2-in-1 notebook and earbuds. If you were peacefully sleeping during the announcements - I don't blame you - and you can read about all the new products coming to Australia, right here.