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The MPillow is a technogel-filled music player-cushion combo to aid relaxation, that connects via wireless to your computer. Designed by Per Arlander, Madiene Linstrom and Ozgur Tasar, you can either download your own music or listen to the ambient whale-fart sounds available on the MPillow itself. The lights change according to your musical tastes, apparently. A couple more pictures of the MPillow being fondled by a lay-dee and in light-up mode are below.


German scientist Daryoush Bazargani has invented a computerised pillow that can stop you from snoring. Where this one improves on previous attempts is that it actually tries to stop your snoring itself, rather than just telling you how you should have slept the next morning. Bazargani's pillow inflates and deflates different chambers to adjust your head and clear your airwaves. And the best part with this pillow is that even if it doesn't work, which usually these types of devices don't, it can still give you a neck massage. That's right, a snore-stopping, neck-massaging, computerised pillow! Where do we sign up for one of these?