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The Stylophone started life as a kitschy electronic toy instrument—the digital version of the kazoo, if you will—but over the years has slowly developed new sounds and features making it more than just a novelty.

The new Stylophone Gen R-8 is an evolutionary leap compared to previous versions of the instrument, and one that might finally have musicians taking the Stylophone seriously.

Google announced plans today to acquire a portion of Fossil’s smartwatch technology for $US40 million ($56 million). As part of the deal, Google will also get a portion of Fossil Group’s research and development team. It isn’t exactly clear at this moment what specific tech Google is shelling out for — but the acquisition paradoxically both makes a lot of sense and is a bit of a head scratcher.

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There’s nothing that delights the careful spender more than getting a great deal. Well, what if you could get a great deal on petrol prices and keep it that way for a week?

The 7-Eleven Fuel App let's you lock in fuel prices when they're low and fill up when it's convenient for you. You can save hundreds of dollars on fuel throughout the year. Best of all: It's completely free!

Over the past four months in the run up to Star Trek: Discovery’s return, CBS All Access released four excellent mini-episodes under the Short Treks banner. Except they had a problem that was not quite as mini as the episodes: None of them were actually available outside of the US and Canada. That’s finally changing.

An international team of scientists claim to have pulled off a first: Three-dimensional replicas of human blood vessels that are grown in a petri dish. The trippy accomplishment, detailed in a new paper out Wednesday in Nature, will hopefully let us better understand and study crippling diseases like diabetes.

There was a shake up in Canberra today, though fortunately it had nothing to do with Parliament House. A rare magnitude 3.1 earthquake shook Australia's capital just after 10:00AM this morning, startling residents but otherwise causing minimal damage.