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Huawei has never been a high-profile maker of flagship smartphones and tablets in Australia, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have some excellent devices -- you just have to do a little research to find them. The Ascend Mate7 is a 6.1-inch monster running a Huawei-built eight-core chipset, with a fingerprint sensor on the back, and the latest in 4G networking. Oh, and it comes in gold. But the first thing you notice is its imposing size -- this is a big phone.

China does smartphones well; we know that much is the case from our quick peeks into the world of Xiaomi and Oppo. There's another big player that has been around in Australia for longer, though, and it has a brand new flagship phablet. Huawei's Mate7 packs in a giant 6-inch display, but it does that in a body smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus. It's just as powerful and as up-to-date as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, too.

Samsung is continually improving upon the quality of its smartphone displays, and the screens on the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Edge are no exception. In fact, according to extensive testing from DisplayMate, one of them has the best smartphone display yet.

The announcement of the iPhone 6 Plus last week means that we've reached a tipping point in phones: every single platform now has its very own phablet. Yes, it's a dirty, stupid word to describe big phones, but it's the best one we've got right now. Join us as we take you through the cheapest way to get a phablet running either Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

Look, let's be real for a second. We're all busy people. We've got a lot to read, write and do today, so I want to get this out of the way as quickly as possible. There are going to be a lot of you bitching and moaning about how Apple copied Samsung or HTC or Sony or some other manufacturer with its 5.5-inch iPhone today. If you're one of those people, get in here and get it all off your chest.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is many things. It's thinner, it's faster; it's all of the superlatives that come when you out a new and improved version of anything tech. It's also a white flag. Microsoft has finally accepted that Surface can't take on the iPad. But it might just be able to take the MacBook Air.

When you take a small phone and make it big, you’re probably going to find it has been ruined by ugly elements designed to "strengthen" your new super-sized Franken-phone. Imagine our surprise then, when we started using the Lumia 1520 and found it incredibly civilised for the size.

Can smartphones get any bigger? Nokia sure seems to think so. Its latest flagship Lumia 1520 is a true monster of a device, sporting a 6-inch full HD display. Here's how it physically compares to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (which suddenly isn't looking quite so monolithic.)