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If you've been stung by a gross payment method surcharge on concert tickets or flights, today brings good news. A new ban on large businesses charging consumers excessive payment surcharges for using EFTPOS, MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards issued by Australian banks is now in place.

But you can still get stung for those ridiculous "service" and "booking" fees.


A report in Recode today suggests that Apple is planning to bring Apple Pay to websites later this year, which will let you buy stuff online with your iPhone. An incremental change to a marginally popular payment service doesn't sound exciting, but it's arguably the biggest payment move Apple has ever made.


In case you weren't already inundated with payment options, LG apparently thinks you could use one more. A new leak suggests that LG is ready to enter the payments world, but unlike its biggest competitors Apple, Google and Samsung, LG will not be using smartphone technology to power your payments. Instead, the company is making a smart card — much like the big busts released by Coin, Plastc and Stratos.


Your next Samsung Galaxy smartphone could have a neat trick up its sleeves. Just place your phone next to any ol' credit card reader, and press a button to pay. That's because Samsung just announced that it's buying LoopPay — a company that figured out how to trick magnetic stripe readers to accept your money wirelessly.


You can now send more than just nudes selfies on your favourite ephemeral messaging platform. Snapchat teamed up with the mobile payments company Square to launch "Snapcash", which lets debit card holders 18 and older send money within the private messaging service.


It looks like Snapchat, everybody's favourite disappearing message app, is getting ready to handle mobile payments. This week, the company filed two payments-related trademarks that seem to signal a shift in its business. But don't get any bright ideas about Snapchat the disappearing money app. There's probably a simpler explanation.


Samsung's new Galaxy S5 is being launched in Australia tonight, and there's one nifty thing we didn't know about before. If you have a bank account with Westpac, or Commonwealth Bank, you've got a brand new reason to upgrade. The Galaxy S5 is the first handset in Australia that lets you shop without having your credit card handy from these two banks.


It's not even out on the market for people to use yet and already the credit card of the future, Coin, is beefing up its security to make you feel better about handing over all your payment, membership and other swipe-card data.